Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.

Your generosity will help The Heartland Institute advance these core principles — shared by America’s Founding Generation, the free-market philosophers who inspired them (Smith, Malthous, Mill), as well as the titans of 20th century Austrian Economics movement (Mises, Hayek, Friedman) that helped reveal the best way towards a free and prosperous society.

For 30 years, Heartland has taken a unique approach to educate the public and policy makers, doing things no other think tank does.

Monthly Newspapers

The Heartland Institute publishes five monthly newspapers that are sent to every member of every state legislature in the country — as well as thousands of local and federal elected officials. They contain the latest news in each important subject area, written from a free-market perspective. It’s the counter-spin to the mainstream media, which is exactly what elected officials need to enact sensible public policy.

Click the images below to browse the archives of current and past issues of the print publications.

Environment & Climate News School Reform News Infotech & Telecom News
Budget & Tax News Health Care News Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate News


Heartland Digital

The Heartland Institute understands the importance of digital media, and has always been an “early adopter” of the latest technology to spread the message of liberty. Here are just a few examples of our innovation in the digital world.


Heartland’s main Web site puts all of the organization’s work on a variety of essential domestic public policy — Budgets & Taxes; Education; Environment & Energy; Health Care; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; Legal Affairs; and Technology — within easy reach of the public and scholars. The main slider features much of Heartland’s most important efforts, while the tabs just below displays in one click the most recent research, news, opinion, and press releases produced by Heartland’s team of nearly 300 staffers, fellows, and policy advisors. Clicking one of our “issue suites” gives policymakers and the public a portal to the latest free-market information on that topic.

Heartland.org is a one-stop shop for everyone who wishes to educate themselves on why free markets must be pursued if liberty is to be preserved.

The Heartlander

The Heartland Institute’s digital magazine — updated daily by our team of managing editors and journalists — features timely news and opinion that policymakers, Tea Party activists, and the liberty-loving public needs to know. It is one of Heartland’s most-trafficked Web sites, and a place you should visit every day. If you have an iPad, you can read it on-the-go via the Heartlander app (just type “Heartlander” in the search field at iTunes).

The PolicyBot Database

PolicyBot is a truly unique product, and tribute to Heartland’s founding dedication to advance free-markets ideas no matter where they come from. It is a massive free, searchable database of some than 40,000 documents and articles from hundreds of free-market think tanks across the globe.

It is the best friend of students, scholars, legislators, Tea Party activists, and anyone who wants to find the latest and best research and commentary from a free-market perspective.

The Heartland Institute launched this project more than 20 years ago as “PolicyFax” — a service that gave legislators access to the best free-market research in the world by entering a code into their fax machine. That “PolicyFax” innovation was cutting-edge then, just as PolicyBot is today.

Giving Elected Officials Exactly What They Need

The Heartland Institute’s Government Relations department is always on-call for legislators, providing them the latest research and commentary on the most important public policy issues of the day.

Our dedication to educating elected officials is especially useful to state and local legislators — who often have small staffs because they are not “full-time” politicians, but embody the Founders’ vision of “citizen legislators.” They need a resource that is independent and nonpartisan, that can respond immediately to requests for research and expert opinion, and that can tap the resources of all of the country’s leading think tanks and expert sources. That resource is The Heartland Institute.

In 2013, Heartland’s Government Relations department produced and distributed 163 policy documents, contacted legislators 1.2 million times via phone and email, and sent experts to testify in 20 states a total of 29 times this year — including 11 times on education issues, nine times on budget & tax issues, eight times on energy & environment issues, and once on health care issues.

Heartland also has more than 160 members of its Legislative Forum, dues-paying state legislators and staff members who have a fast track to Heartland’s network of more than 250 public policy experts. Forum members also act as Heartland’s “eyes and ears” in state capitols, keeping us up-to-date on legislation and acting as our spokespersons in their states.

Effective Outreach Through Major Media

The Heartland Institute’s Communications team produces a steady stream of news alerts, op-eds, and letters to the editor; organizes events for its key audiences; schedules speaking engagements for Heartland’s senior fellows; and engages in joint projects with allies and other civic and business groups.

In 2013, Heartland appeared in print, online, on television, or on radio more than 3,000 times. Heartland’s 16 Web sites — including the “house blog,” Somewhat Reasonable, the Heartlander digital magazine, and various “microsites” created to draw attention to key aspects of domestic policy — were visited 2.4 million times. More than 63,000 Facebook users “like” The Heartland Institute, and our page captured nearly 500,000 regularly “engaged users,” and logged a total of 20.3 million impressions, up 115 percent from 2012.

The Heartland Institute Twitter account (@HeartlandInst) had 8,622 followers on at the end of 2013, an increase of 34 percent over the previous year.

Podcasts, Videos and Events

The Heartland Institute’s managing editors and fellows do not merely produce the excellent Heartlander digital magazine and write op-eds and letters to the editor that were published thousands of times in print and online publications. They also contribute to the “Heartland Daily Podcast,” which you can find, subscribe to, and download on iTunes.

The Heartland Institute produced 234 podcasts on iTunes in 2013, and they were listened to 737,386 times in 2013, and increase of 72 percent over 2012. Heartland’s YouTube page was viewed more than 50,000 times in 2013, an increase of 76 percent over the previous year.

Many of those videos are of Heartland Events, especially our eight international conferences on climate change. But Heartland is also dedicated to hosting a regular series of luncheons with authors and public intellectuals in our handsome library.

Heartland held 26 events in 2013 — including 23 “Author Series” events in its library — that attracted more than 2,000 attendees eager to learn more about free markets and liberty and network with like-minded folks.

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