Week of April 21, 2014

VIDEO: Heartland Talks Earth Day with John Stossel
John Engle, The Heartland Institute
John Stossel hosted a segment on Earth Day featuring Heartland Senior Fellow James M. Taylor (right) and Paul Gallay from the Riverkeeper environmentalist organization. Taylor (with some backup from Stossel) crossed swords with Gallay on a number of environmental subjects…WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

The National Science Foundation, a federal agency, usually funds research projects. But in a rare move, it gave a nearly $700,000 grant for the play “The Great Immensity,” a mystery with music and songs that’s playing at New York’s Public Theater in Manhattan. Jim Lakely, director of communications at The Heartland Institute, laughed when told of the federal investment in the playREAD MORE

Steve Stanek, The Heartland Institute
Twenty-eight attorneys general, including Illinois’, recently sent a letter to chief executives at five big retailers — Wal-Mart Stores Inc., grocery store operators Kroger Co. and Safeway Inc., which run pharmacies, and drugstore chains Walgreen Co. and Rite Aid Corp. — asking them to stop selling tobacco products...READ MORE

Joy Pullmann, The Heartland Institute
Timia begged her mother to send her to a private school after seeing a story about vouchers on the news. Now, Timia is a sixth-grader at Concordia Lutheran School in Sturtevant and her sister is a freshman at Racine Lutheran High School. They both are in their second year of the Parental Private School Choice Program in Racine…READ MORE

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Help make a difference, double your donation to The Heartland Institute!..READ MORE

Joy Pullmann, The Heartland Institute
Despite its deep effects on the character of our nation, conservatives and the general population often ignore what children are learning except when their own are in school, so I thank everyone reading this debate and my worthy, tenacious opponent, Mike Petrilli, for your time and attention…READ MORE

Matthew Glans, The Heartland Institute
Pennsylvania has yet to approve an expansion of Medicaid. But in September 2013, Gov. Tom Corbett released a proposal that would accept federal funds and extend Medicaid to about 500,000 individuals, who would be moved into the ObamaCare federal health insurance exchangeREAD MORE

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Benjamin Domenech, The Heartland Institute
The weekly Consumer Power Report offers a brief analysis by Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Benjamin Domenech, who summarizes, with source citations, several top health care stories for the week. READ MORE

Climate Change Weekly

James M. Taylor, The Heartland Institute

Taylor writes a weekly e-newsletter for Heartland titled Climate Change Weekly, which reports on current stories regarding the reality of climate change… READ MORE

School Choice Weekly

Joy Pullmann, The Heartland Institute
Pullmann writes a weekly e-newsletter for Heartland titled School Choice Weekly, which sifts the education news so you don’t have to, bringing you the most accurate, timely, and important news, research, and commentary about the schools that educate U.S. citizens… READ MORE

NIPCC Update

New research summarized in NIPCC Update, a weekly email edited by Heartland Senior Fellow Craig Idso, Ph.D. and produced by Heartland and the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)… READ MORE

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