Why should you support The Heartland Institute?

The Heartland Institute is a powerful and effective advocate for …

  • Economic policies that create jobs and reward innovation
  • Lower taxes and less government spending
  • Ending government subsidies to and bailouts of private businesses
  • Improving schools by putting parents back in charge
  • A realistic, science-based perspective on “global warming”

Our success directly benefits you, your family, and your community. We have saved taxpayers billions of dollars over the years by vigorously and effectively opposing tax increases, wasteful spending, and subsidies to sports stadiums, convention centers, and rent-seeking businesses.

Our advocacy of school choice – charter schools, tuition vouchers, and tax credits – has enabled millions of students to escape public schools that are dangerous and fail to graduate even a majority of their students. Every student who switches from a public to a private school saves taxpayers thousands of dollars.

We are the leading source of sound science and economic analysis refuting claims that “global warming” is either man-made or a crisis. By helping to defeat “cap and trade” and carbon taxes, we have saved millions of jobs and prevented massive tax increases.

By contributing to The Heartland Institute, you are making an investment in the security of your job, the value of your home, and the quality of education your children or grandchildren receive.

Heartland donors take their duties as citizens of a free society seriously. They are willing to step up to the plate and defend their Constitutional rights and God-given freedoms. They freely back their convictions with their own money.

If you believe in freedom … if you recognize that freedom can’t defend itself but needs strong organizations willing to big government and special interest groups … if you want the laws and institutions that made America great survive to benefit another generation…

… then you should support The Heartland Institute!